The anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral properties of iodine have been recognized
for decades. It was during the 1918 Spanish Influenza pandemic that iodine was found
to be an effective agent for killing viruses. Numerous studies conducted throughout
the world reinforce this finding. But as effective as iodine is, it has not gained wide
acceptance and become a first line of defense against viruses.

The recent emergence of the global Corona virus pandemic has renewed interest in
iodine as a disinfectant because of it’s efficacy and safety in neutralizing “coated
viruses” such as the Corona virus, of which Covid-19 is but one example.

There are many products on the market that claim anti-virus superiority over others.
Products like chlorine, chlorhexidine and ammonium-based products are effective on
virus but have undesirable side effects on human health and the environment. Their
wide-spread use is more about their easy availability and lack of effective alternatives
than their efficacy and safety over other formulations.

Granted, almost every element or compound is potentially toxic in enough quantity,
including iodine. But the amount of iodine required to achieve toxic levels is extremely
high. Studies have shown that the concentration levels of iodine (necessary to destroy
most bacteria, fungi and viruses are so low that human subjects are more likely to be
poisoned by water before they would be harmed by iodine.

Pure Iodine Drops & Nasal Spray

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  • I-127 is the most effective broad-spectrum antiseptic but has very low toxicity
  • Destroys virus, bacteria, fungi, protozoa and spores
  • Effective virucidal at very low concentrations (5-30 ppm depending on conditions)
  • Effective as room sterilizer at low levels at levels that are not detectable by humans
  • Rapid effect, inactivates many air-borne viruses within 30 seconds
  • Very minimal toxicity risk - only at extreme levels of exposure (mostly by ingestion)
  • Can be applied with various methods for a variety of purposes
  • topical antiseptic for hand washing/wound care/site prep
  • sterilizing instruments and equipment
  • decontaminating room with misting (virucidal to air-borne pathogens)
  • prophylaxis when applied to masks or nostrils
  • Secondary absorption can be beneficial for immune and endocrine systems
  • Very high germicidal activity with no reported organism resistance development
  • Uncomplicated processes required for different applications
  • Aqueous molecular iodine (iodine 127) has no drug interactions
  • Aqueous Molecular Iodine (I-127) is cost effective
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