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Create COVID-Safer Zones for a wide range of businesses around the world to confidently re-open

Standardize a wide array of 'COVID-19 Specific' PCR Testing including Nasopharyngeal Swab Test,

+10 minute

Quick Testing with 

95%+ Overall Accuracy

Provide NEW sustainable Anti-Viral Sanitary Solutions to keep spaces of all sizes safe for our health and planet

FDA Certified & CDC Approved. Please follow all FDA Guidelines regarding the use of this COVID-19 test.


  The Mission  

In order to bring the world back to a healthy way of living, we all need to confidently feel safe to gather in public spaces such as schools, offices, events and airplanes just to name a few.


Due to the severity of COVID-19 and its ability to:

1. be airborne and live on surfaces for up to 5 days

2. be invisible to symptoms until about 2 weeks after contraction

3. be present in carriers showing no symptoms at all

4. be potentially fatal for all ages....

For our loved ones, we must work together to contain and reduce the spread.


Social distancing and public shut downs has been a valuable strategy, however, we live in a world that needs a financial income to survive... to feed our families and keep a roof over our heads. For these reasons, we must find viable and sustainable solutions for containing and eradicating this virus in order to welcome our population back to work and living life the way it is meant to be lived. 


Anastasi Group is a network of professionals whose primary focus is to implement real solutions to test for the virus and keep our gathering spaces safer in order to get the world back up and running from the set-back of COVID-19.


We have developed systematic health-safety protocols for various industries that allow businesses to be confident while re-opening their doors by being titled COVID-Safer Zones.

These industries include:

Airlines & Immigration

Offices & Schools

Daycares & Camps

Resorts & Casinos

Restaurants & Bars

Theaters & Concert Venues

Theme Parks

Film and TV Studios

Sports Arenas & Traveling Teams

Food Processing Plants

Warehouses & Factories

Retail Stores & Small Businesses

Cruise Liners

Convention Halls

Government Buildings 

Social Events & Networking

& Anywhere that close proximity is necessary

  COVID-Safer Products  


& up to 15% OFF Select Items!

As the team of the Anastasi Group,

We commit to combating the deterioration of our health, planet & economies by working diligently to provide sustainable solutions for the truest well-being of all.


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You may email us or use this contact form to schedule a

call or video conference to discuss how to safely re-open your business. Please include the dates and times you have available and provide details about your business industry and operations. Thank you! 

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